The Fiftieth Infantry Illinois Volunteers was organized at Quincy, Illinois, in the month of August, 1861, by Colonel Moses M. Bane, and mustered into United States’ service September 12, 1861, by Captain T. G. Pitcher, U.S.A.

October 9, moved to Hannibal, Missouri. 19th, to Chillicothe. November 27, to St. Joseph, reporting to Colonel R. F. Smith, commanding post. December 19, to Palmyra. 24th to St. Joseph.

January 21, 1862, ordered to Cairo, Illinois, and from thence to Smithland, Kentucky, whence the Regiment reported to Colonel Lauman, January 28.

February 6, marched into Fort Henry. 12th, formed a part of Colonel John Cook’s Third Brigade, of the Second Division, and moved against Fort Donelson. Took an active part, February 13, 14 and 15, at Fort Donelson. 22d, occupied Clarksville, Tenn. 28th, arrived at Nashville. Remained on board the boat and returned to Clarksville, March 1.

March 25th, ordered to Pittsburgh Landing, and landed at that place, 31st.Engaged in the battle of Shiloh, April 6 and 7. Engaged in the siege of Corinth, May 1862. June 4, under Major General John Pope, pursued the enemy as far as Booneville, Mississippi. Returned to Camp near Corinth, June 10. October 3, moved out against the enemy, who was approaching under Price, Van Dorn and Villipique. 5th, engaged in the battle of Corinth. Pursued the enemy as far as Ruckersville, Mississippi. October 12, returned to Corinth.

December 18, went on scout to Lexington, Tennessee. April 15, 1863, moved toward Tuscumbia, Alabama. Had a skirmish at Bear Creek, 17th; also at Cherokee, and at Newsome’s Farm. 24th, camped at Tuscumbia. 27th, moved toward Town Creek, and fought the enemy under General Forrest, at Town Creek, on the 28th. On the 29th, (General Streight having got well on the road for Georgia) the Regiment returned to Tuscumbia, and, on the 3d of May, arrived at Corinth.

October 11, General Dodge, commanding Left Wing, Sixteenth Army Corps, ordered the Brigade, Colonel Bane commanding, to Lagrange, Tennessee. 17th, returned to Corinth. November 6, moved to Eastport, and crossed the Tennessee River at midnight. Passed through Waterloo on the 7th, Lauderdale and Lexington on the 10th, Pulaski on the 12th, and camped at Lynnville.

November 17, Regiment was mounted, by order of Major General Dodge.

January 1, 1864, three-fourths of the men of the Regiment re-enlisted, and were mustered January 16, and started for Illinois, for the veteran furlough.

February 28, moved from Quincy, and March 5, arrived at Lynnville. 13th ordered to Athens, Alabama. 15th, moved to Decatur Junction. 22d, crossed the Tennessee River to Decatur. 27th, re-crossed to Decatur Junction. 31st, moved to Moorsville.

April 12, moved to Athens, Alabama. 30th, moved to Chattanooga, via Larkinsville. May 5, marched to Chickamauga Creek and camped near Lee and Gordon’s Mills.8th, camped in Snake Creek Gap. 9th, moved to Resaca and returned. 13th, moved to Resaca. 14th, to Calhoun Ferry. 15th, to Lay’s Ferry, and crossed Oostanaula River. 17th, met the enemy at a cross-road, near the river, and, after some fighting, drove him from the field–the Regiment losing 1 man killed and 7 wounded. 19th, arrived at Kingston. 22nd, at Rome.

June 20, Colonel Bane having resigned, Brigadier William Vandever took command of the Brigade. July 3, one hundred and fifty men from the Brigade and one hundred of First Alabama Cavalry, made an expedition to Cedar Town, Major Hanna, of the Fiftieth, commanding, and returned, and on the 6th, to Cave Springs, and returned, both times capturing prisoners and horses.

In August, Colonel Rowett, of the Seventh Illinois Infantry, took command of the Brigade.

September 27, the Second Division, Left Wing, Sixteenth Army Corps, Brigadier General John M. Corse commanding, was transferred to Fourth Division, Fifteenth Army Corps. 29th, the non-veterans of the Regiment were started home, for muster-out.

October 4, took cars for Allatoona, at 8 o’clock P.M.; arrived at midnight. At daylight skirmishing commenced, and by 10 o’clock the whole force was fiercely engaged with Hood’s Army. The enemy was repulsed. The Regiment lost 87 killed, wounded and missing. Lieutenant Colonel Hana, and Assistant Suurgeon A. G. Pickett were wounded.

October 13, Lieutenant Colonel Hurlbut commanding Brigade, and Captain Horn commanding Regiment, it moved out on Cave Spring road, and met the enemy six miles out, with two pieces of artillery. It drove them four miles, and returned to Rome.

November 10, 1864, moved toward Atlanta. 15th, left Atlanta. 20th, crossed the Ocmulgee. 26th, crossed Oconee, at Ball’s Ferry. December 7th, crossed the Ogeechee at Mt. Vernon Road. 10th, met the enemy at Little Ogeechee. 16th, went foraging to McIntosh, 30 miles from Savannah.

January 27, moved up Savannah River, crossing at Sister’s Ferry, February 4. 12th, crossed North Ediston. 14th, camped near Congaree Creek. 16th, crossed Saluda River. 17th, crossed Congaree River, and entered Columbia. 22d, crossed Wateree. 26th, crossed Lynch’s Creek. March 5 and 6, did provost duty in Cheraw. 12th, arrived at Fayetteville. 18th, built barricades at Newton’s Grove. 20th and 21st, fought the enemy at Bentonville, losing 2 killed and 14 wounded. 24th, marched through Goldsboro.

April 10, Colonel Hanna commanding Brigade moved to Raleigh. 14th, reviewed by General Sherman, as it marched through Raleigh. 16th, moved to Morrisville, and, on surrender of Johnson, returned to Raleigh. April 29, 1865, moved northward, via Petersburg, Manchester and Richmond, and camped at Alexandria, 20th May. May 24, participated in the grand review at Washington, and camped near Soldier’s Home.

June 3, moved via Packersburg, Virginia, to Louisville, Kentucky, arriving on the 8th. July 3, in the prize drill between Sixty-third Illinois, Seventh Iowa Infantry and Fiftieth Illinois, the Regiment won the prize banner.

July 13th, mustered out of United States’ service by Captain W. B. Guthrie, Eighty-first Ohio Volunteers and A. C. M. Arrived at Camp Butler, Illinois, July 14, 1865, for final payment and discharge. 1)History from the Adjutant General’s Report.

Name and Rank Residence Date of Rank
or Enlistment
William M. Gooding Payson Sept. 12, 1861 Resigned July 10, 1862
Horace L. Burnham Payson July 10, 1862 Promoted Major
Samuel W. Starrett Payson Apr. 11, 1865 MO July 13, 1865
First Lieutenants:
Theodore W. Letton Quincy Sept. 12, 1861 Promoted Adjutant
George R. Naylor Quincy July 10, 1862 Resigned Jan. 21, 1863
Samuel W. Starrett Payson Jan. 21, 1863 Promoted
Thomas Kennedy Mt. Pleasant Apr. 11, 1865 MO July 13, 1865
Second Lieutenants:
Horace L. Burnham Payson Sept. 12, 1861 Promoted
Samuel W. Starrett Payson July 10, 1862
Charles M. Tarr Payson Jan. 21, 1863 Resigned Oct. 23, 1864
Frank McCarthy Quincy July 10, 1865 MO July 13, 1865 as Sgt.
First Sergeant:
Georg R. Naylor Quincy Aug. 20, 1861 Promoted 1st Lt.
Samuel W. Starrett Payson Aug. 20, 1861 Promoted 2d Lt.
Charles M. Tarr Payson
George Benfield Liberty Disch. Sept. 12, 1862, Disability
George B. F. Johnson Quincy Sept. 20, 1861 Disch. Apr. 5, 1862, Disability
William H. Roberts Payson Aug. 20, 1861 Disch. Apr. 5, 1862, Disability
L. Scarborough Payson Disch. Sept. 27, 1864 as Sgt.
James H. Stanfield Payson Killed at Shiloh Apr. 6, 1862
Henry W. Stewart Payson Disch. Oct. 22, 1861, Disability
Robert H. Price Liberty MO Sept. 27, 1864
Edwin Tyler Richfield MO Sept. 27, 1864 as Sgt.
Frank West Payson Aug. 24, 1861 MO (d’t.r’l) Mar. 6, 1866, S. Maj.
Edwin A. Hurd Quincy Sept. 14, 1861 Died Quincy, IL, June 20, 1862
Charles W. Fee Quincy Aug. 20, 1861 Tr. to Reg. Band Nov. 1, 1861
Frederick Sherwood Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Adams, William W. Quincy Aug. 20, 1861 Disch. June 18, 1862, Disability
Allen, James Perry ?
Burnham, William W. Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Birdsall, Guy Newtown MO Sept. 27, 1864
Bartells, George C. Quincy
Braugham, Henry Quincy Disch. Oct. 25, 1862, Disability
Beard, Charles Liberty Killed at Shiloh, Apr. 6, 1862
Bysou, Winfield S. Quincy Aug. 27, 1861 MO Sept. 27, 1864
Brown, Thomas J. ? Aug. 20, 1861 Prom. Adj. at org. of Reg.
Carter, William Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Carter, George Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Carrigan, Reese Liberty
Cleveland, Ezra Richfield Disch. Oct. 25, 1862, wounds
Cherico, Morris M. Carrollton Sept. 15, 1861 Died Louisville, Mar. 26, 1862
Crader, Eli D. Payson Aug. 20, 1861 MO Sept. 27, 1864
Cooper, Henry C. Carrollton Sept. 16, 1861 Re-enlisted as veteran
Cook, Hiram Mt. Pleasant MO Sept. 27, 1864
Delapp, Russell Payson Aug. 20, 1861
Deer, Illyd Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Fisher, John W. Payson Promoted Com. Sgt.
Frame, Enos W. Payson Disch. June 16, 1862, Disability
Green, Reuben Payson MO Sept. 27, 1864 as Sgt.
Gabriel, Francis N. Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Gebhart, Leo Newtown MO Sept. 27, 1864
Hughes, Horatio J. Burton MO Sept. 27, 1864
Hinckley, Thaddeus W. Richfield Re-enlisted as veteran
Hartshorn, Oscar O. Richfield
Hoffman, William M. Perry MO Sept. 13, 1864
Hughes, Adam M. Payson Prom. Sgt. Maj. Jan. 1, 1862
Jonas, Edward Quincy Prom. 2d Lt Co K
Jenner, John Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Kelly, James Richfield
Knight, George Quincy MO Sept. 27, 1864
Kiser, Martin Quincy Re-enlisted as veteran
Kennedy, Thomas Mt. Pleasant Sept. 16, 1861
Lester, George W. Payson Aug. 20, 1861 MO Sept. 27, 1864
Lewis, Slater Newtown Re-enlisted as veteran
Leach, Matthew Newtown Sept. 9, 1861
Manuel, John L. Newtown
Manifee, William A. ? Aug. 20, 1861 Disch. June 18, 1862, Disability
Morton, Henry Burton Sept. 2, 1861 Re-enlisted as veteran
Miller, William R. Warsaw Disch. July 4, 1862, Disability
Milledge, Mortimer L. Mt. Pleasant Sept. 17, 1861 Disch. Nov. 10, 1862, Disability
McCarthy, Frank Quincy Oct. 13, 1861 Re-enlisted as veteran
Nichols, John F. Payson Aug. 20, 1861 Disch. June 18, 1862, Disability
Nichols, Moses Newtown Sept. 12, 1861 Died Quincy, IL, Nov. 9, 1862
Nicholson, Smith Payson Aug. 20, 1861 Re-enlisted as veteran
Olden, George W. Quincy Tr. to Co F Jan. 1, 1862
Pool, Erastus P. Quincy “0 MO Sept. 27, 1864
Roe, Edward D. Richfield
Reed, William G. Newtown Sept. 9, 1861 Re-enlisted as veteran
Smith, Joseph Payson Aug. 20, 1861
Starrett, James P. Payson Disch. May 5, 1862, Disability
Spicer, James Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Smith, Enoch Payson
Short, Alexander J. Richfield Disch. May 18, 1862, Disability
Sheller, George Quincy Disch. July 11, 1862, Disability
Seitter, Jacob Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Sackett, William B. Kinderhook Sept. 24, 1861
Walker, George Payson Aug. 20, 1861 Promoted Com. Sgt.
Woodcock, James H. Payson Re-enlisted as veteran
Winchester, James Quincy
Ward, Michael New Orleans, LA Aug. 29, 1861
Young, Arris Burton Aug. 20, 1861 Disch. Aug. 6, 1862, Disability
Frank McCarthy Quincy Dec. 30, 1863 MO July 13, 1865 as 1st Sgt.
Frederick Sherwood Payson Jan. 1, 1864 MO July 12, 1865 as Musician
Edward Riley Quincy
Burnham, William Payson MO July 13,1865, Tr. by pro, Lt. in UCT
Cooper, Henry C. Mt. Pleasant MO July 13, 1865
Carter, William Payson
Carter, George Payson
Carrigan, Reese Payson Disch. Feb. 7, 1865, Disability
Deer, Illyd Payson MO July 13, 1865
Gabriel, Francis Payson MO July 13, 1865 as Cpl.
Hinckley, Thaddeus W. Payson Disch. to accept prom. in 44th US Col. Troops
Hartshorn, Oscar O. Payson MO July 13, 1865
Jenner, John Payson Died Oct. 25, 1864, wounds
Kennedy, Thomas Payson Prom. 1st Sgt, then 1st Lt.
Kelly, James C. Quincy MO July 13, 1865
Kiser, Martin Quincy
Lewis, Slater D. Payson MO July 13, 1865 as Sgt.
Leach, Matthew Quincy MO July 13, 1865
Metts, Harvey J. Quincy
Menuel, John Quincy
Morton, Henry C. Quincy
Nicholson, Smith Payson Dec. 30, 1863 MO July 13, 1865 as Cpl.
Reed, William G. Quincy Jan. 1, 1864 MO July 13, 1865 as Sgt.
Smith, Joseph C. Quincy MO July 13, 1865
Smith, Enoch Payson
Sackett, William B. Quincy MO July 13, 1865 as Sgt.
Spicer, James Payson Killed Allatoona, GA, Oct. 5, 1864
Seiter, Jacob Payson MO July 13, 1865 as Sgt.
Woodcock, James H. Payson MO July 13, 1865
Winchester, James Quincy
Walker, George Payson Prom. Com. Sgt. Jan. 1, 1864
Ward, Michael Quincy MO July 13, 1865 as Cpl.
Birdsall, Charles T. Burton Jan. 28, 1864 MO July 13, 1865
Browning, Jeremiah ? Oct. 1, 1863
Bucklin, George Payson Mar. 1, 1865
Burnham, Hiram Payson Feb. 25, 1864 Disch. to accept Lt. in 44th US Col Troops
Chapman, John D. Fall Creek Jan. 28, 1864 MO July 13, 1865
Collins, Souther Fall Creek Feb. 25, 1864
Covert, Robert W. Camp Point Jan. 2, 1865
Decker, Charles F. Braceville Feb. 2, 1865
Elsworth, Elijah Payson Nov. 1, 1861 Disch. Nov. 1, 1864
Emery, Perry Payson Jan. 1, 1862 Deserted Jan. 25, 1862
Ellsworth, Paschal J. Adams County Jan. 23, 1862 ?
Eaton, Edward T. Payson Mar. 3, 1865 MO July 13, 1865
Grooms, Noble Springfield, MO Nov. 7, 1861 Deserted Aug. 18, 1862
Hewes, Samuel E. Payson Oct. 30, 1861 Prom. Q. M. Sgt.
Hickerson, Absalom Adams County Jan. 23, 1862 ?
Hartshorn, William Richfield Feb. 9, 1864 MO July 13, 1865
Hinkley, Theodore Richfield Feb. 8, 1864
Hadley, Gideon Quincy Jan. 27, 1864 Died Oct. 5, 1864, wounds
Lile, Joseph W. Payson Dec. 21, 1861 Died Louisville, Apr. 6, 1862
Lewis, Apsel E. Quincy Feb. 27, 1864 MO July 13, 1865
Little, John ? Dec. 15, 1862
Looney, William Leighton, AL Apr. 18, 1864 Deserted Apr. 29, 1864
Metze, Harvey J. Burton Dec. 16, 1861 Re-enlisted as veteran
Martin, Raymond Adams County Jan. 23, 1862 MO May 30, 1865
Moore, Enoch O. Payson Mar. 3, 1865 MO July 13, 1865
Proctor, Terrill B. Burton Jan. 28, 1864 Killed Allatoona, GA, Oct. 5, 1864
Rilley, Edward Quincy Aug. 18, 1861 Tr. from Co F, Re-enlisted as veteran
Rollins, Enoch Quincy Jan. 23, 1862 Disch. June 18, 1862
Roe, Martin Luther Burton Feb. 2, 1864 Disch. Aug. 8, 1864
Roe, Lewis F. Burton Feb. 10, 1864 MO July 13, 1865 as Cpl.
Robbins, David P. Payson Feb. 28, 1864 Killed Allatoona, GA, Oct. 5, 1864
Sprague, Charles C. Payson Sept. 12, 1861 Prom. Hospital Steward
Shaffer, Carlton Richfield Dec. 7, 1861 Disch. June 9, 1862, Disability
Smith, Robert Quincy Jan. 23, 1862 Died Chillicothe, MO, Mar. 2, 1862
Sceiter, Michael Quincy Aug. 11, 1862 MO May 30, 1865
Short, Alexander Payson Feb. 26, 1864 MO July 13, 1865
Smith, John Palmer Fall Creek Feb. 4, 1864
Starrett, James P. Payson Feb. 26, 1864
Stewart, Francis M. Payson
Sprague, Warren B. Payson Feb. 9, 1864
Scarborough, Sam’l R. Payson Mar. 1, 1865
Taylor, John A. Payson Feb. 25, 1864
Taylor, William F. Payson Oct. 27, 1861 Killed at Shiloh, April 6, 1862
Voeth, George F. Quincy Jan. 6, 1865 MO July 13, 1865
Wells, William A. Chilli Feb. 3, 1864
Wells, William Burton Feb. 2, 1864 Died
Whitcomb, Joel Payson Jan. 19, 1864 MO July 13, 1865
Wimmer, Jefferson Harmony Feb. 4, 1864
Ward, Francis C. ? Oct. 1, 1863
Wright, Stanford Harrison Nov. 30, 1864 Drafted, MO July 13, 1865


Sources:    [ + ]

1. History from the Adjutant General’s Report.
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