One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Infantry History The One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Infantry Illinois Volunteers was organized at Camp Wood, Quincy, Ill., by Colonel John Wood, and was mustered in June 5, 1864, for one hundred days.

On June 9, 1864, the Regiment left Quincy, and proceeded to Memphis, Tenn., where it was assigned to Fourth Brigade, District of Memphis, Colonel E. L. Baltwick, Thirty-ninth Wisconsin, commanding. On July 9, assigned to Third Brigade, Colonel John Wood commanding, and was stationed on the Hernando road, on picket duty.

The Regiment was mustered out of the United States service at Springfield, Ill., September 4, 1864. 1)History from the Adjutant General’s Report.

Name and Rank Residence Date of Rank
or Enlistment
*MO means Mustered Out
John B. Johnson Prairie City June 5, 1864 MO Sept. 24, 1864
First Lieutenants:
James Robb Prairie City June 5, 1864 MO Sept. 24, 1864
Second Lieutenants:
Henry L. Adair Quincy June 5, 1864 MO Sept. 24, 1864
First Sergeant:
Charles S. Brodbent Prairie City May 4, 1864 MO Sept. 24, 1864
Palmer E. Hughson Prairie City May 4, 1864 Promoted Sgt. Major
David E. Phipps Leene MO Sept. 24, 1864
Peter C. Stire Prairie City
William M. Owen Quincy
James Tannehill Walnut Grove May 4, 1864 MO Sept. 24, 1864
William Chatten Quincy
Thomas R. Johnson Lee
Granville H. Currier Avon
Charles R. Pratt Abingdon
Orion H. Bliss Prairie City
Henry C. King Walnut Grove
John C. Dewey Prairie City
Arbogast, Henry Walnut Grove May 4, 1864 MO Sept. 24, 1864
Adair, George L. Quincy
Bassett, Richard B. Quincy
Beaver, Dolphin M. Joshua
Beevis, John W. Quincy
Broughton, Horace O. Quincy
Boyle, William Prairie City
Carrier, George D. Prairie City
Collar, Allen J. Prairie City Wounded, absent at MO of Reg.
Cook, William C. Ellisville MO Sept. 24, 1864
Cox, William M. Lee
Chatten, Enoch Quincy
Cubbage, Isaac Woodville
Curless, Samuel Keene MO May 21, 1865, POW
Davis, Albert Prairie City MO Sept. 24, 1864
Drake, William P. Prairie City
Dressel, Peter Lee
Dills, John R. Quincy
Fengel, Charles P. Deerfield
Freer, Francis A. Ellisville
Frederics, Jacob Keene
Funk, Joseph A. Prairie City
Griswold, Seth N. White Hall
Hagaman, Aaron Fairview
Hines, John R. Young Hickory
Hull, Henry Prairie City
Hunter, Jesse Stone Prairie
Iberson, John W. Quincy Deserted May 30, 1864
Jones, Orville D. Putnam MO Sept. 24, 1864
Kreider, Jacob Prairie City
Kent, Charles W. Fairview
Lippey, David E. Lee
Martin, George B. Atlanta MO Sept. 24, 1864 as Sgt.
McDonald, Isaac J. Prairie City MO Sept. 24, 1864
Merrill, Asa H. Fairview
Miller, Joseph S. Quincy
Miller, David A. Quincy
Monaghan, Alexander Quincy
Moss, Walter R. Cuba
Murray, Arthur B. Prairie City
Newbey, Henry Quincy
Newby, Jas. Howard Quincy
Nelson, James P. Lee
Obrien, Walter Quincy
Owens, Alexander Prairie City
Painter, John W. Walnut Grove
Platts, William L. Prairie City
Petit, Rosaloo Quincy
Raymond, Simon Prairie City
Redmond, James J. Quincy
Robinson, Hamilton Prairie City
Roberts, Edward P. Quincy POW at MO of Regiment
Ross, Felix W. Avon MO Sept. 24, 1864
Sackett, Salmon J. Prairie City
Sanford, Alonzo Lee
Scott, Wiley Quincy
Seals, William H. Keene
Sheley, Samuel Prairie City Died, Memphis, Sept. 1, 1864
Smith, William L. Young Hickory
Smith, George W. Keene
Stantial, Christopher P. Prairie City Killed, Memphis, Aug. 21, 1864
Shultz, David H. Lee MO Sept. 24, 1864
Stanton, Franklin W. Avon Absent, sick at MO of Regiment
Stearins, Abdallah M. LaHarpe MO Sept. 24, 1864
Spencer, Cyrus Quincy
Thompson, George Payson
Tracey, James W. Keene
Walton, John J. Lee
Williams, James S. POW at MO of Regiment
Williams, Thomas F. Quincy MO Sept. 24, 1864
Wisch, Peter Woodville Deserted May 30, 1864
Buck, George W. Prairie City May 4, 1864 MO Sept. 24, 1864
Carrier, Alonzo E. Prairie City
Griffith, Henry L. Ellisville
Lowry, Daniel Quincy
Lowry, Charles Quincy
Orr, John Prairie City
Shafer, George J. Winslow July 9, 1864
Thompson, George A. Deer Ridge May 5, 1864
Williams, Henry C. ? Non-Comm. Staff


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1. History from the Adjutant General’s Report.
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