bds-boards. n ex-northern extension of s ex-southern exension of
bet-between. ns-north side. ss-south side.
(col)-colored. nw-north west. sw-south west.
cor-corner. res-resides and residence. w-west of.
e-east of. n-north of. ws-west side.
es-east side. ne-north east. s-south of.
    se-south east.

Y Surnames

Yancey Lewis, (col) laborer; res Eighth ws n Linn.
Yanner Jasper, stone-mason; res 69 Kentucky us 1 wSixth.
Yanner Michael, mason; res 87 Seventh.
Young Alfred D., carp., Fifth es s Jersey; res Sixthws 4 s York.
YOUNG ANSON B., dealer in millinery and ladies’ furnishinggoods, 162 Maine; res same.
YOUNG MRS. A. B., milliner, 162 Maine; res same.
Young David, rope-maker, Vine us 2 w 21st; res Elm1 w 21st.
Yokan John, moulder, Front s Delaware; res Broadwayno cor 22d,
Young John, (col) laborer; res Oak 1 e Twenty-second.
Young John B., painter, 22 Fifth; res 51 Vermont ns5 e Third.
Young Mary, widow of John B.; res nw cor Third andVermont.
Young Newton W., farmer; res Thirteenth ws 1 n Vine.
Yuchs Michael, cooper, alley s Kentucky w Fifth; res4th s Maid. L.

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