bds-boards. n ex-northern extension of s ex-southern exension of
bet-between. ns-north side. ss-south side.
(col)-colored. nw-north west. sw-south west.
cor-corner. res-resides and residence. w-west of.
e-east of. n-north of. ws-west side.
es-east side. ne-north east. s-south of.
    se-south east.

U Surnames

Uebelmesser Ernestine, widow of Gottlieb; res s ex Front.
Uebing Eberhard, cooper; res 254 Hamp. ss 6 w 11th, shop in rear.
Uecke Julius F. W., machinist; res Washington ss 4 e Sixth.
Uehlein Thomas, shoemaker shop and res 105 Vermont ns 5 w 7th.
Uhlenbrock Heinrich, laborer; res Eighth ws 1 n Kentucky.
Uhlenbrock Heinrich, Co. H, 43 Ill. Inf.; res Washington ns 3 e 7th.
Uhlenbrock Joseph, shoemaker, 114. Hamp.; res 8th ws 1 n Ken.
Ulrich John V., firm of J. P. Wenzel & Co.; res State ns 4 e 9th.
Underwood William 0., at C. B. & Q. depot; res Com. al. 1 n Ver.
Unger John, laborer; bds Fifth es 1 s Payson avenue.
UNION FARMERS’ ROME, cor Ninth and Hampshire; Geo. Noth proprietor.
Union House, 68 Maine, Mrs. E. J. Bledsoe, proprietor.
UNITED STATES EXPRESS OFFICE, 43 Fourth; freight office Front n Spring, and West Quincy.
Unverzagt Henry, bakery and res York ss 2 e Fifth.
Upton Nancy, widow of Albert C. ; res Broadway ss 2 e Sixth.
Urbach Friederich, laborer; res 58 Seventh es 8 s Jersey.
Urech Friederich, laborer; res ns alley n Linn 1 w Tenth.
Urech Friederich J., Co. II, 151 Ill. Inf. ; res ns al. n Linn 1 w 10th.
Urech Jocob, Co. H, 151 Ill. Inf.; res ns alley n Linn 1 w Tenth.
Urmston Henry, blacksmith, Jer. ss 3 e 5th; bds 4th es 4 s York.
Urquhart Henry, plasterer; res 8 Third es 4 s Broadway.

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