Adams County Illinois Military Records

Revolutionary War era up to about 1860

Revolutionary War Pension Gideon Burdick

Veteran Land Grants

Captain David Crow's Company, 1832

Captain J W Kenney's Company, 1832

Captain William G Flood's Company, 1832

Captain Pierce's Company, 1832

Captain William C Ralls' Company 1832

Conners, James War of 1812 Land Grant

Mexican War, Quincy Riflemen

Quincy Riflemen 1846 Roster "Mormon Wars"

Civil War era up to about 1910

GAR (Union Army) John Wood Post

Civil War Pensions

1st Cavalry, Company F

2nd Artillery, Battalion H

2nd Cavalry, Company L

10th Infantry Illinois Volunteers, Company C

16th Infantry, Company A

16th Infantry, Company B

16th Infantry, Company C

16th Infantry, Company H

16th Infantry, Company S

27th Infantry, Company A

29th Colored Infantry, Company A (history needed please)

50th Infantry, Company B

50th Infantry, Company C

50th Infantry, Company D

50th Infantry, Company E

50th Infantry, Field and Staff

78th Infantry, Company E

78th Infantry, Company F

78th Infantry, Company G

78th Infantry, Company K

80th Infantry, Company A

84th Infantry, Company I

118th Infantry, Company D

118th Infantry, Company F

118th Infantry, Company K

119th Infantry, Company A

119th Infantry, Company I

137th Infantry, Company A

137th Infantry, Company B

137th Infantry, Company D

137th Infantry, Company G

148th Infantry, Company G

151st Infantry, Company H

151st Infantry, Company I

1883 Federal Pensions

Civil War Scrapbook, transcribed newspaper articles

Needle Pickets (Quincy Women's Effort)

Civil War Pensions 50th Infantry through 1926

Civil War Pensions 50th Infantry through 1927

Civil War Pensions 50th Infantry through 1940's

Soldiers and Sailors Home Residents

World War I

World War 1 Clayton Draft List

World War II rosters

NOTE BEFORE PRINTING: These WWII PDFs sized for 8-1/2 x 14" legal paper

WWII Abbett through Cludray

WWII Cochrane through Gowdy

WWII Grabbe through Kissell

WWII Klemme through Naught

WWII Neaterour through Shult

WWII Sibbing through Urban

WWII Vahle through Zwick

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Adams County Records!

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