John Hofmeister Biography


John Hofmeister has been a farm owner and farm cultivator all his active life and ahs well earned the retirement he now enjoys. His home is in  section 36 of Liberty Township, five miles southeast of Liberty Village.

He was born March 24, 1853, on the old home farm in Beverly Township where his youngest brother, David, now lives. His parents were William and Elizabeth (Diehl) Hofmeister. His father was born at Mansheim, Hess-Darmstadt, Germany, November 25, 1819. He came to the United States in 1846. His brother was living in Charlestown, Indiana, where he had a cooper shop. William Hofmeister learned that trade with his brother in Indiana, and in 1849 came with another brother to Adams County and located in Beverly Township.

On May 10, 1849, he married in Quincy Elizabeth Diehl, of Beverly Township. they were married by Rev. Phillip Barth of Quincy. She was born in Pennsylvania and was sixteen years of  age at the time of her marriage. She had come from Pennsylvania to Adams County a year or two before her marriage. Elizabeth Diehl had a sister and three brothers: John Diehl, who died at advanced age, Henry, who died in Missouri; Balzer, who went West and died there; and Anna, who married William Kuntz and lived in McKee Township.

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