Nathan Miller Obituary

Quincy Whig - November 8, 1877
From the Quincy Whig in Quincy, Illinois ... Thursday, November 8, 1877 ...
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Camp Point, November 3 -- This town was thrown into a state of intense
excitement by a rumor that Nathan Miller, a prominent and wealthy old citizen,
had committed suicide by hanging. Inquiry developed the fact that Mr. Miller
was found about 6 o'clock by his son, hanging to a tree in a ravine near his
residence, dead.
He was seen about 3 o'clock yesterday by members of his family, going in
the direction of where he was afterwards found.
He took a rope halter from his barn and, choosing a secluded spot,
deliberately arranged the noose and swung off.
Mr. Miller was 63 years of age, and has been a resident of this county
about twenty years, owning a large tract of land in Clayton Township, about
three miles east of Camp Point.
He moved to this place last winter, and built a pottery, which proved to be
a losing speculation, and since July or August has been very much depressed on
account of it.
He has been endeavoring for several days to settle up his business, saying
that he would not live long; but was unable to arrange matters to his liking.
His family never suspected any intention on his part to take his own life.
It is stated that one of his brothers committed suicide also.
Mr. Miller leaves a wife and a large family of children who are all grown
and in comfortable circumstances.
He was a man of a great deal of energy and force of character and was
universally respected.
A coroner's jury was impaneled by Squire Bailey, which returned a verdict
in accordance with the above facts.


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