Civil War Needle Pickets

The Civil war brought out the patriotism in everyone.  The first call to arms was issued April 15, 1861.  By April 24, 1861, men from Quincy and Adams county were marching into Cairo, Illinois, as infantry reinforcements.  On May 31, 1861,  the patriotic ladies of Quincy formed an organization known as the Needle Pickets.  

The Needle Pickets numbered one hundred and two.  Their mission was to provide aid and comfort to the troops and their families left at home in Adams county. As the war wore on and its effects spread the Needle Pickets extended their assistance to provide food and clothing to the poor and needy regardless of their direct participation in the war.  

The ladies prepared 'lint, bandages and articles of comfort and convenience' for the soldiers in the field.  They solicited flannel, linen and other materials useful for the war effort.  They helped at the five war hospitals located in Quincy.  They sent nurses to attend to the needs of the sick and wounded soldiers at Vicksburg.  They sent supplies to many military hospitals including those in Cairo, St. Louis, Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Paducah, Corinth and Savannah.  They supplied reading materials in both English and German to the hospitals.  

Fund-raising was an important part of the work of the Needle Pickets.  They held fairs, amateur entertainments and lectures.  They solicited donations from their fellow citizens.  From 1861 to 1865, the Needle Pickets raised $28,714.85 for the war effort. 

Auxiliaries of  the Needle Pickets were located throughout Adams County.  Needle Pickets children were known as the Busy Bees.  Some sources indicate that the  membership included some men. 

Much of the information here and the following list of Needle Pickets was supplied by Adams County genealogist, Barbara Ippensen.  

The first officers, elected to serve for three months, were: 

Mrs. Fox - Captain 
Mrs. Bushnell - 1st Lieutenant 
Mrs. Charles - 2d Lieutenant 
Miss A. Asbury - Paymaster 
Mrs. Morton - Orderly Sergeant 

At the next election the officers were: 

Mrs. Fox - President 
Mrs. Bushnell - Vice-President 
Miss Burns - Vice-President 
Mrs. Morton - Recording and Corresponding Secretary 
Miss Annie Jonas - Treasurer  

M E M B E R S:

Mrs. C. M. Abbe  
Mrs. George Adams  
Miss J. Adams  
Mrs. A Asbury  
Miss S. Austin  
Miss J. Baker  
Mrs. J. T. Baker  
Miss S. Baker  
Mrs. R. S. Benneson  
Mrs. J. P. Bert  
Mrs. Bertoninger*  
Mrs. J. M. Bishop  
Mrs. A. Blakesley  
Mrs. F. Boyd  
Mrs. T. H. Brougham  
Mrs. G. Brown  
Mrs. O. H. Browning  
Mrs. J. H. Buckley  
Miss L. Bull  
Mrs. L. Bull  
Mrs. G. Burns  
Miss L. Bush  
Miss E. Bushnell  
Miss H. B. Bushnell  
Mrs. N. Bushnell  
Miss E. Catlin  
Mrs. E. Charles  
Mrs. M. Charles  
Miss L. Church  
Miss V. Church  
Miss K. Cohn  
Mrs. M. Converse  
Miss Cook  
Mrs. Cook  
Mrs. J. C. Cox*  
Miss L. Bross  
Miss J. Curtis  
Miss L. DeZeng  
Miss E. Dean  
Mrs. H. Dills  
Miss A. Dimock  
Mrs. L. Dimock  
Miss E. Doway  
Mrs. W. L. Duff  
Miss E. C. Everett  
Mrs. Ewing  
Miss M. C. Field  
Mrs. M. Finley  
Mrs. N. Flagg  
Mrs. L. Forester  
Miss E. Foss  
Mrs. A. Fox  
Miss L. Fox  
Miss M. Fox  
Miss E. Frisbie  
Miss H. Gilbert  
Mrs. J. B. Gilpin*  
Mrs. Goodwell  
Miss S. Goodwin  
Miss M. L. Grant  
Miss C. Green  
Miss M. Green  
Mrs. S. Green  
Mrs. J. Grimshaw  
Miss Hardy  
Mrs. J. Hinchman  
Mrs. J. Hitchcock  
Mrs. E. Hoffman  
Mrs. J. Hollowbush  
Miss S. Jackson  
Mrs. D. Jameson  
Miss Jenkins  
Miss A. E. Jonas  
Miss R. Jonas  
Mrs. W. Joseph  
Mrs. P. C. Keller  
Miss C. Keyes*  
Miss L. Keyes*  
Miss M. L. Koch  
Mrs. E. M. Kock  
Mrs. C. Ladd  
Miss F. Lane  
Mrs. A. Lawrence  
Mrs. C. Lee  
Miss Livingston  
Mrs. E. A. Long  
Mrs. Lubbe  
Mrs. E. Manson  
Mrs. E. Mayo  
Mrs. A. C. McFadon  
Miss E. McFadon  
Mrs. C. Mead  
Mrs. George Miller  
Mrs. F. C. Moore  
Mrs. J. Moore  
Mrs. C. H. Morton  
Miss J. T. Morton  
Miss S. Nash  
Mrs. F. Nelke  
Miss A. Niles  
Miss M. Niles  
Miss M. Norton  
Miss Osborn  
Miss K. Palmer  
Miss M. Palmer  
Miss Patrick  
Mrs. U. S. Penfield  
Miss Powell  
Mrs. M. F. Powers  
Miss M. Prentiss  
Mrs. C. A. Prevost  
Miss Reigart*  
Mrs. S. Relfe  
Miss H. Richardson  
Mrs. J. Ritler*  
Mrs. G. A. Roberts*  
Miss B. Rogers  
Miss C. Root  
Mrs. Roscka  
Mrs. J. Rowland*  
Miss Ryland*  
Miss M. Shelbs  
Miss L. Sherman*  
Miss S. Sherman*  
Miss S. Simpson*  
Mrs. H. K. Snow  
Miss A. E. Stahl  
Mrs. F. C. Stanley  
Mrs. C. A. Streeter  
Miss M. Sublett  
Mrs. Taylor  
Mrs. A. W. True  
Mrs. A. Van Doorn  
Mrs. J. K. Van Doorn  
Mrs. C. A. Warren  
Mrs. Warwick  
Mrs. Levi Wells  
Mrs. J. H. Williams  
Mrs. M. E. Williamson  
Mrs. E. Wills  
Mrs. D. Winton  
Mrs. J. S. Wood  

The names marked with an asterisk indicates they withdrew from the society.


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