Pension Lists for the 50th Illinois Infantry through 1926

There are nine Pension Lists here.  The lists for the years 1926, 1927 and 1929 are from the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions.  The lists from the 1930s are from the Veterans Administration. Most of the lists contain the addresses where the Civil War veterans were living at the time, some contain the veterans ID numbers. These lists are from letters sent to reunion organizers to inform them about which of the 50th Illinois Infantry veterans were still living in a particular year. Special thanks to Jan Walker for providing these lists for Adams County researchers. 

Civil War pensioners who served in the 50th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, with post office addresses as shown by the records of the Bureau of Pensions April 5, 1926


  • Griffin, Theodore, Sgt. Maj.; National Military Home; Kansas 

  • Allison, Amos J.; 210 Laura St., Jacksonville, FL
  • Glasby, Emanuel; c/o C. G. Young, Kirksville, MO
  • Haiston, John E.; Albany, IN
  • Haiston, Lewis; Desoto, IN
  • Hedges, Merrott J.; Soldiers Home, Orting, WA
  • Hess, John; Box 31, Lima, IL
  • Leckbee, Albert P.; Mendon, IL
  • Leckbee, Charles M.; Mendon, IL
  • Randolph, John P.; Brunswick, MO

  • Bennett, William J.; Tyler, WA
  • Burks, Andrew B.; Bat. Mt. Sanitarium, Hot Springs, SD
  • Crum, Albert; Templeton, CA
  • Davis, Washington J.; Soldiers Home, IL
  • Degroot, John B.; R. 3, Fulton, MO
  • Griffin, Theodore; See Field & Staff
  • Hackney, James M.; Oxford, KS
  • Hamilton, William; Kirwin, KS
  • Huddleston, Peter; 2012 13th St., Salt Lake City, UT
  • Ketzler, George; Fort Dodge, KS
  • Lafferty, Robert; 910 "G" Ave., Vinton, IA
  • Nokes, Alric B.; R. 1, Box 10, Springfield, IL
  • Reaugh, John T.; Gen. Del., Oakland, KS
  • Slater, Lewis C.; LaGrange, MO
  • Taylor, Cornelius B.; R. 2, Box 116, Mountain Grove, MO
  • Walker, Jessie B.; Doniphan, MO

  • Chapman, John; Payson, IL
  • Collins, Southee; R. 4, Jamestown, KS
  • Cooper, Henry C.; 824 Lake Ave., Wilmette, IL
  • Gunn, Reuben H.; Edgerton, MO
  • Hinckley, Theodore; 1127 N. 16th St., Quincy, IL
  • Lewis, Ansel E.; Ajo, AZ
  • Mitts, Harvey J.; 615 E. 9th St., Trenton, MO
  • Scarborough, Samuel R.; Richland, MO
  • Seitter, Michael; R. 4, Braymer, MO
  • Sprague, Warren B.; R. 4, Wills Point, TX
  • Taylor, John A.; Barnesville, OH
  • Ward, Francis C.; 510 E. Elm; Springfield, MO

  • Bouleware, Pitt; Stock Yards Sta., Kansas City, MO
  • Bradshaw, John W.; 805 W. 5th St., Pittsburg, KS
  • Campbell, John W.; Kechi, KS
  • Colwell, William; R. 5, Sedalia, MO
  • Corbin, James; Carthage, IL
  • Frame, Peter; Cottage 22, Soldiers Home, IL
  • Gaitz, John; Greenfield, MO
  • Gallaher, John H.; Soldiers Home, IL
  • Hubert, Charles F.; 1100 Cherry St., Quincy, IL
  • Leaton, George; R. 2, Napton, MO
  • McKee, Charles; Hull, IL
  • Rickart, John W.; Bremerton, WA
  • Stauffer, William F.; Griggsville, IL
  • Sturtevant, Charles W.; Plainville, IL
  • Thomas, Seth; Box 107, Kinderhook, IL

  • Covert, Calvin; Soldiers Home, Quincy, IL
  • Earl, James J.; 1120 W. 35th St., Los Angeles, CA
  • Foreman, Ebenezer M.; Auburn, IL
  • Groom, William H.; Washington, KS
  • Jeffries, Adams R.; 310 Broadway, Long Beach, CA
  • Kennedy, Robert; Soldiers Home, Quincy, IL
  • Lewis, Ebenezer; Mistletoe Cafe, Stillwater, OK
  • Moore, Robert M.; 223 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, AR
  • Mutz, Anton; 616 S. 6th St., Quincy, IL
  • Morrison, Junius B.; Lone Tree, IA
  • Nichols, George N.; 322 Live Stock Exchange Bldg., Kansas City, MO
  • Stewart, Alexander; Bells, TN
  • Riley, Mordecai F.; Camp Point, IL
  • Turner, William D.; 127 W. 4th St., Apt. 15, Long Beach, CA
  • Wallace, Richard A.; 310 W. Broadway, Long Beach, CA
  • Ward, Augustus L.; Soldiers Home, Boise, ID

  • Armstrong, Napoleon B.; Bedford, OH
  • Cain, Abraham F.; Gen. Del. West Terre Haute, IN
  • Dierdorff, Elijah H.; 605 W. Mulberry St., Ottawa, KS
  • Krabiel, Benjamin F.; 126 S. Grant St., Denver, CO
  • Mensendike, Frederick; Camp Point, IL
  • Shafer, Jonathan; Detroit, IL

  • Anderson, James S.; R. 3, Norwood, MO
  • Anthony, William; Tryon, NE
  • Atherton, Finley B.; Van Wert, IA
  • Berger, Herman (alias Hiram Berges); Nauvoo, IL
  • Bogus, William; Baker, KS
  • Coots, Warren L.; c/o Anderson Trust Co., 1000 Meridian St., Anderson, IN
  • Coyle, William H.; Gateway Sta., Kansas City, MO
  • Dorsey, NicholasH.; York, NE
  • Ewald, Nicholas; Russell, IA
  • Fridley, Andrew T.; 414 "D" St., Sterling, IL
  • Hoopes, John; Ipava, IL
  • Knock, Bruce; 114 Church St., Caney, KS
  • Nolan, Augustus; Zephyrhills, FL
  • Strode, William; Lynwood, CA

  • Bowman, Newton; Mitchell, NE
  • Burnett, Alfred; Ripley, IL
  • Byers, James W.; c/o Clara Byers, 115 Coombs St., Napa, CA
  • Coffman, Joshua; Soldiers Home, Quincy, IL
  • East, Thomas B.; 1410 Lemon St., Long Beach, CA
  • Friday, Simon; 219 Main St., Mt. Sterling, IL
  • Gay, John W.; R. 1, Center, MO
  • Herring, John W.; 616 N. Oak St., Iola, KS
  • Logsdon, Perry; Rushville, IL
  • Logsdon, William; 1518 Geneva St., Aurora, CO
  • Miller, Isaac W.; Soldiers Home, Sawtelle, CA
  • Roberts, George W.; 830 Washington St., Quincy, IL
  • Roberts, William C.; 414 S. 8th St. West, Provo, UT

  • Claybaugh, Mathew S.; R. 2, Valley, NE
  • Hoffman, Andrew M.; McMinnville, OR
  • Hogue, Robert I.; Tingley, IA
  • Logan, George R.; Red Oak, IA
  • Mohler, George W.; 2936 44th St., Sacramento, CA
  • Nelson, Francis S.; 254 1/2 N. Main St., Wichita, KS
  • Nelson, William B.; Box 24, Winnisquam, NH
  • Ralston, Andrew; Towanda, KS
  • Stinemates, Leander D.; Grant, IA
  • Swiler, Hiram; 210 Spring St., Quincy, IL

  • Best, James A.; 823 Main St.; Kansas City, MO;
  • Corbin, James; See Company D
  • McBeath, Theophilus J. (alias Thomas J. McBeath); Cassville, MO
  • Odell, Andrew M.; R. 3, Braymer, MO
  • Taylor, Franklin; Box 56, Luray, KS
  • Thomas, Floyd; Mt. Sterling, IL
  • Watts, St. Clair; Fort Dodge, KS

List of members of the 50th Regiment Illinois Infantry who died between April 24, 1924 and April 6, 1926


  • Jacks, Benjamin
  • Wilson, James A.


  • Bowermaster, John
  • Cannon, Joseph H.
  • Cannon, Mines W.
  • Hughes, William T.
  • Kinehart, Conrad
  • Scroggin, James
  • Shank, John
  • Walker, Marcus
  • DeLapp, Russell
  • Behymer, James M.
  • Blauser, Daniel
  • Culp, Chesley W.
  • Eaton, Alvin E.
  • Harris, James W.
  • Lease, Joseph T.



  • Baggs, Charles
  • Burns, Benjamin
  • Castle, William H.

  • Blystone, Simeon W.
  • Daurity, Samuel
  • Fordyce, James
  • Harris, Nelson
  • Miller, William A.

  • Callison, Woods B.
  • Lewis, Levi
  • Reese, John W.
  • Strode, Jesse B.
  • Walton, Alford F.


  • Allbert, William
  • Burnett, Newton T.

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