William Pearce Will


Filed July 12, 1847
Recorded in Book pages 212 to 215
A. Miller P.J.P

Note written on will: William Pearce died July 6, 1847 - age 26 years.

I William Pearce of the county of Adams or Highland in the state of
Illinois, do make and publish this my last will and testament, in
manner and form following, that is to say:

First, it is my will that my funeral expences and all my just debts be
fully paid.

Secondly, I give, devise and bequeth to my beloved wife Mary Pearce all
my household furniture including also my cooking stove also my cow and
calf also four head of my choice young cattle also sufficient provisions
and clothing for her and her children for one year I wish my wife to
keep as much of the produce of every description of the rents of my
land as shall be necessary to support her and my two children yearly so
long as she remains my widow. It is my will that if there should be
money left after settling up my estate that my wife shall have the
interest of the same for the benefit of herself and my children so long
as she remains my widow. But in no case to spend any part of the
principal unles it be absolutely necessary for the education of my
children. It is my wish that my wife shall have the use and benefit of
herself and my children the following described pieces or parcels of
land (after paying the expences for repairs and taxes) to wit: seventy
two acres on the West part of the South East quarter of sections twenty
six 2. South to West also my timbered land being the East half of South
West quarter Sec. thirty five 2. south 6 West And it is my will that if
my wife should marry again that she shall choose some suitable person
for guardian for my children and that none of my property shall ever
come into the hands of a step-father and if she should marry before my
children are fourteen years of age and should neglect to chose them a
guardian. It is my will at the age of fourteen that they shall choose
or the court appoint them a guardian.

And if my wife should marry again and should choose a guardian for my
children as above described then it is my will that she shall relinquish
all her interest in my real estate and money at interest. And in case
my wife shall not comply with my will It is my will that she shall
keep the children until they are fourteen years of age and at that time
their share of property shall be set apart for them and the interest on
the same shall be added to the principal unless it be necessary to apply
some part of the interest to their educaiton.

And it is my will that my wife shall have the control and benefit of all
my real and personal property during the time she remains my widow but
she shall make no charge for keeping my children. neither before they
are fourteen years of age nor afterwards, nor any other person
and it is my will that in the settling of my estate that as little
expence shall be made as possible consistent with the nature of the
case and that my debts shall be paid as soon as possible.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this
tenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and forty seven

Signed, published and William Pearce (signed) SEAL
declared by the above
named William Pearse
as and for his last will
and testament in presence
of us, who at his request
have signed as witnesses

To the same
E. Chaplin {
Daniel Culp { Witnesses
N G Bartlett {
Jacob Wigle {


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